Упражнения на Past Perfect

3925 07.01.2021

Упражнения к уроку о времени Past Perfect — обратитесь к нему, если у вас возникают вопросы

Поставьте глагол в Past Perfect

1. It (stop)

snowing by the evening

2. If you (not, lie)

to me before, I would have believed you

3. When I got home, everybody (go)

to bed

4. I knew that he (finish)

his work by 5 p.m.

5. Mary (return)

by 6 p.m.

6. Louis came to the station when the train (leave)

7. I did not laugh at their joke because I (hear)

it before

Выберите правильное предложение в Past Perfect

I invited Lucy to the party, but she couldn't come
Lucy had arrange to do something else
Lucy had arranged to do something else
lt was a pleasure to see Emma again after such a long time
I hadn't seen her for 7 years
I hadn't saw her for 7 years
Hayley sang a song, and I didn't know it
I had never heard it before
I had never hear it before
Last year we went to Nicaragua. lt was our first time there
We had never been there before
We had never was there before
Yesterday, he was riding a horse. He wasn't very good at it
He had never ridden before
He had never ride before
Mike went to the cinema last night, but he was late
The film had already started
The film had start

Задайте вопрос в Past Perfect

1. The plane had landed by 7 a.m. →

the plane
by 7 a.m.?

2. They had not returned by that time →

by that time?

3. He had already cleaned the room when you came home →

he already
the room when you came home?

4. By the time we came to see him he had returned home →

home by the time you came to see him?

5. He had changed a lot by that time →

a lot by that time?

Если у вас возникли ошибки или были сомнения — повторите теорию о прошедшем совершенном времени (Past Perfect)

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Упражнения на Past Perfect
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