Упражнения на Past Perfect Continuous

Практические задания к урокам о прошедшем совершенном длительном времени

Если у вас появились вопросы, вернитесь к теории:

Поставьте в Past Perfect Continuous следующие глаголы

  • to discuss →
  • to shine →
  • to type →
  • to play →
  • to work →

Выберите правильный вариант в форме Past Perfect Continuous

They were both very tired because they (to play) football for 2 hours
had been playing
had been play
has been playing
At the time the store closed down, Sarah (not to work) there for 6 years
had been not working
hadn’t working
hadn’t been working
How long (he, to wait)?
had he been waiting
he had been waiting
he has been waiting
He (to walk) for six hours before he felt an unbearable pain in his leg
had been walking
been walking
had been walk
We (not to write) the test for 30 minutes when the teacher entered the room
hadn’t been writing
hadn’t writing
hadn’t been write
What (he, to think)?
he had been thinking
had he been thinking
had he been think
The police (to watch) this man since this morning
had been watch
had watching
had been watching
The patient pushed off the cup of water the doctor (to try) to give her
had been trying
had trying
had been try
Just before Ann woke up she (to dream) about Nick
had been dream
had dreaming
had been dreaming
What (she, to do) all that time before she left this place?
had she been doing
had been she doing
she had been doing

Раскройте скобки, употребляя Past Perfect Continuous

  • He put aside the letter he (to read)
    and looked at me
  • How long (she, to stay)
  • I (to wait)
    for 20 minutes when I realised that I was in the wrong place
  • His grandfather (not to feel)
    well for some time
  • The boys looked a mess. (They, to fight)
  • She (not to live)
    there very long, but she knew the city very well
  • By the sunset, the boat (to drift)
    for 3 hours

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Упражнения на Past Perfect Continuous
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