Упражнения на Past Simple

Практические задания к урокам о простом прошедшем времени

8772 14.01.2021 (обновлена 13.09.2021)

Если у вас возникнут вопросы, вернитесь к теории:

1. Раскройте скобки

  • Marley (drop) a glass plate
  • Peter and Sam (not come) to the party last Saturday
  • John (plant) a flower
  • Jim (not sing) in the choir
  • Liza (clean) all the windows
  • I (buy) an ice cream
  • Harry (have) a birthday party
  • Last month Barbara (go) to Finland
  • He (not play) football that day
  • Jane (marry) Tom last year

2. Задайте вопросы в Past Simple

Suzy drank some coffee
Did Suzy any coffee?
Did Suzy drink any coffee?
Drank Suzy any coffee?
She came to England in 1920
When she came to England?
When did she come to England?
When came she to England?
Sandra bought a new car
What Sandra bought?
What Sandra bought did?
What did Sandra buy?
Emma rode a horse yesterday
What did Emma yesterday?
What Emma do yesterday?
What did Emma do yesterday?
Polly met him in an art gallery
Did Polly met him at the art gallery?
Met Polly him at the art gallery?
Did Polly meet him at the art gallery?

3. Поставьте глаголы в Past Simple

  • It (to be) a memorable day
  • We (to work) together many years ago
  • Jenny and Johnny (to go) to a party yesterday
  • Tim (to live) in Austria for 3 years
  • He (to play) football on weekends
  • My uncle (to eat) too many sweets yesterday
  • I (to get up) very early yesterday
  • She (to knock) knocked on the door, but no one (to answer)
  • I (not to have) a computer when I (to be) a child

4. Выберите правильный вариант

Я часто навещал бабушку
I often visit my grandmother
I often visited my grandmother
Майк жил в Будапеште 15 лет
Mike lived in Budapest for 15 years
Mike live in Budapest for 15 years
Мэри любила математику в школе
Mary loves maths at school
Mary loved maths at school
В тот день он уехал из страны
He left the country that day
He leaves the country that day
У мистера Торна ужасно болели зубы
Mr. Thorne has an awful toothache
Mr. Thorne had an awful toothache
Смит чувствовал себя очень несчастным
Smith feels very unhappy
Smith felt very unhappy
Отец купил ему новый велосипед на прошлой неделе
His father bought him a new bicycle last week
His father buys him a new bicycle last week

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