Упражнения на Present Perfect Continuous

Практические задания к урокам о настоящем совершенном длительном времени

Если у вас появятся вопросы, вернитесь к теории:

Употребите глаголы в Present Perfect Continuous

  • I, to talk → I
  • You, to ride → You
  • She, to work → She
  • We, to play → We
  • It, to rain → lt
  • My brother, to sing → My brother
  • I, to wait → I
  • Sarah, to read → Sarah
  • We, to think → We
  • They, to perform → They

Выберите правильный вариант

Liza ... since she was 5
has skiing
has been skiing
have been skiing
We ... to fix the laptop for an hour
have trying
has been trying
have been trying
How long ... Italian?
you have been learning
have you been learn
have you been learning
My sister … for a job for 3 months
has looking
have been looking
has been looking
His father … cars for years
has been selling
has selling
have been selling
How long ... this?
have you been watching
you have been watching
has you been watching
Elinor … in Buenos Aires for 10 years
has been living
has been live
have been living
I … a bicycle since morning
have been riding
have been ride
have riding
What … ?
you have been doing
have you been doing
you been doing
I … since 3 p.m.
has been driving
have been driving
have been drive

Раскройте скобки, употребляя Present Perfect Continuous

  • I (to look)
    for you all day
  • Somebody (to use)
    my laptop and it doesn’t work now
  • I (not to sleep)
  • What (you, to do)
  • Every morning they meet in the same cafe. They (to go)
    there for years
  • How long (you, to wait)
  • There is such a mess in this room. Children (to play)

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Упражнения на Present Perfect Continuous
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