Упражнения на Future Continuous

Практические задания к урокам о будущем длительном времени

Если вы не уверены в своих знаниях, вернитесь к теории:

Поставьте глаголы в форму Future Continuous

Пример: to speak → will be speaking

  • to wait →
  • to work →
  • to stay →
  • to talk →
  • to make →
  • to waste →
  • to go →
  • to grow →
  • to translate →
  • to cook →

Выберите правильный вариант

This time next week I (to travel) around Russia
will be travelling
will travelling
will have travelling
The boys (to sign) autographs all morning
will be signing
be signing
will signing
I (to ask) you the same question tomorrow
will asking
will be asking
will have asking
What (you, to do) this time next week?
you will be doing
will you be doing
will you doing
I (to talk) to the Minister of Education from 5 till 6 in the evening
have talking
will be talking
will talking
Our best player is injured and (not to play) in the game this Saturday
won't be play
won't be playing
won't playing
The president (to make) a statement about the crisis later today
will making
will have making
will be making
Don't call between 8 and 9. We (to have) dinner
will be
will have having
will be having
This time tomorrow I (to wait) for John in my office
will be waiting
will waiting
have waiting
How many people (you, to interview) for the position tomorrow?
will be you interview
will you be interviewing
you will be interviewing

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Future Continuous

  • We (to reach)
    our station in five minutes
  • We (to discuss)
    this problem the whole evening
  • This time tomorrow Lydia (to fly)
    back home
  • We (to play)
    baseball from 4 o'clock until 5.30 tomorrow
  • We (to see)
    Ken and Kyla when we go to the States
  • In the future, more and more people (to commute)
    to work by plane
  • I (to stay)
    at the hotel until Friday
  • What time (to leave)
  • She (to work)
    at 10 o'clock tomorrow
  • You have no chance of getting the job. You (to waste)
    your time if you apply for it

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Упражнения на Future Continuous
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