Упражнения на Future Simple

Практические задания к урокам о простом будущем времени

Если у вас возникнут трудности, вернитесь к теории:

Употребите глаголы в Future Simple

  • to bewill be
  • to staywill stay
  • to playwill play
  • to cleanwill clean
  • to flywill fly
  • to takewill take
  • to understandwill understand
  • to dowill do
  • to catchwill catch
  • to travelwill travel

Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в Future Simple

  • She (put) on her new dress
  • Ron (run) to the lake
  • Our cat (catch) that mouse
  • My son (learn) a rhyme
  • Sam (write) a letter to his friends
  • He (make) a lot of mistakes
  • Don’t worry, I (lend) you some money
  • Harry (act) in a film
  • Sam (visit) Mary tomorrow
  • Jerry (not come) to school the day after tomorrow

Задайте вопросы, используя Future Simple

He will come back tomorrow
Will he come back tomorrow?
Come he back tomorrow?
He will come back tomorrow?
I will pay for your dinner
You will pay for my dinner?
Pay you for my dinner?
Will you pay for my dinner?
James will learn the second language
Who will learn the second language?
Who will learned the second language?
Who learn the second language?
I will get up at 6 tomorrow
When you get up tomorrow?
When you will get up tomorrow?
When will you get up tomorrow?
Kate will go to Australia next Summer
Will Kate go to Australia next Summer?
Kate will go to Australia next Summer?
Kate will gone to Australia next Summer?
I will go home after the lecture
Where you go after the lecture?
Where will you go after the lecture?
Where you will go after the lecture?
Peter will fix it
Will Peter fix it?
Peter will fix it?
Peter fix it?

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Упражнения на Future Simple
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