Упражнения на AM - IS - ARE

Пройдите тест на знания форм настоящего времени глагола to be

1. Вставьте AM, IS, ARE в следующие предложения

  • I am sure you can handle it
  • You are good at mathematics
  • The knight is brave and noble
  • We are both 12 years old
  • It is strange
  • I am 7 and my brother is 5
  • Duncan is from Ireland
  • My parents are at work
  • Sandra is sad
  • Jim and Frank are pilots

2. Выберите правильно составленные предложения с глаголами AM, IS, ARE

She / not / my sister
She be not my sister
She aren’t my sister
She’s not my sister
They / never / late
They are never late
They is never late
They be never late
He / not / right?
Aren’t he right?
Am not he right?
Isn’t he right?
I / always glad to see you
I’m always glad to see you
I are always glad to see you
I always glad to see you
Polar bears / brown?
Are polar bears brown?
Is polar bears brown?
Am polar bears brown?
John and Tom / ill
John and Tom be ill
John and Tom is ill
John and Tom are ill
We / usually at home at 7 p.m.
We’re usually at home at 7 p.m.
We am usually at home at 7 p.m.
We usually be at home at 7 p.m.

3. В каких случаях пишется AM, IS, ARE? Дополните предложения правильной формой глагола

  • I have two sisters. They (to be)
    older than me.
  • Where (to be)
    my shoes?
  • Nick’s mother (to be)
    in the car
  • What animal (to be)
    this? — It (to be)
    a lion
  • How old (to be)
    you? — I (to be)
  • Lake Baikal (to be)
    the deepest lake in the world
  • Why (to be)
    my father angry with me? — He (not to be)

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Упражнения AM - IS - ARE
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