Упражнения на there is / there are
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Упражнения на there is / there are

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6347 10.02.2021

Если при выполнении упражнения у вас возникают вопросы, обратитесь к уроку о конструкциях There IS и There ARE

1. Вставьте IS или ARE в следующие предложения

  • There is no water in the glass
  • There are 3 rooms in my apartment
  • There are no people in the room
  • There is a fire in the building
  • Are there many leaves on the ground?
  • There is paint on Kate's clothes
  • There are many children in the park today
  • Is there any milk?
  • There are no flowers in the garden
  • There is no difference between them

2. Выберите правильный вариант

1. There is …
a bank on this street
many banks in the city
There are …
two airports in our city
a plane on the runway
There is no …
biscuits on my plate
juice in my glass
Are there …
a problem?
any questions?
There is …
a shop nearby
some shops along the way
Is there …
a bee in my hair?
any bees in my room?
Are there …
seven flowers in the vase?
a flower in your hand?
There are …
three red cars in the yard
a white car in the parking lot
There is …
some sweets under your bed
a book under your pillow
Is there …
a blue pencil in your pencil set?
coloured pencils in your pencil set?

3. Дополните предложения оборотом there is или there are

  • a pair of shoes under the table
  • two girls in the pool?
  • no milk in the glass
  • many children here
  • an owl sitting on the fence?
  • no roses without thorns
  • no food in my fridge
  • some toys and a flower in this box
  • a chair and two tables there
  • nothing to discuss

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Упражнения на there is / there are
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